Basic Server Side C# Scripting for RAGE:MP

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This is a basic C# coding guide for RAGE Multiplayer on the Server Side portion of scripting. It covers the absolute basics of the API and covers a few common design patterns used for Roleplay Servers.

There is a small preview here:

If you also want the Copy Helper you can grab that here:

If you want the video series that is more in-depth; you can check out my other products for RAGE:MP.

Here is a List of Topics Covered in this 87 Page eBook.

Before You Begin

Your First Script

C# in Five Minutes

Utilizing Intellisense

Using the API

Setting up a Script

Writing Hello World

Compiling Your Script

Server Events

Server Commands

Server Functions

GetData, SetData, and HasData

Databases - MySQL & LiteDB

Adding Additional APIs at Runtime

MySQL Server Packages

Setting Up a Local Database

Database Usage in C#

Common Design Patterns

Registration & Login

Storing and Loading Vehicles

Setting and Changing Skins

Mainpulating Weather Patterns

Basic Money System

Simple Localized Chat

Each of these topics has screenshots, code examples, and further information to consider when writing code for a RAGE:MP GTA V Script.

This a great little handbook if you just want to quickly move through the steps.


An 87 Page eBook (.pdf)

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Basic Server Side C# Scripting for RAGE:MP

10 ratings